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Comprex is a privately owned company formed in February 1990 and specialising in the design, manufacture, servicing and distribution of engineering equipment for industrial use.

Manufacturing is carried out at the factory in Valjevo, the main products of which are a vide range of pumps.

We make pumps tough. Tough means reliable. Tough means hard wearing to reduce the expense of maintenance and parts replacements. Our pumps are built under the COMPREX philosophy:

That quality pays!

Miroslav Matijasevic

Distribution and sales of Comprex products and spare parts are conducted by a team of sales persons, servicing the whole of Serbia. These sales specialists are able to provide full technical information on performance and applicability of all our products.

Comprex is well known in Serbia in its field and pursues a policy of continually expanding its own product range.

Besides working on the development of the company, Comprex significantly aid the development of sport and music art. Comprex is the founder of the Karate Club Comprex ", "Volleyball club Comprex", "Serbian chamber Choir and Orchestra" and an important supporter Jazz Festival in Valjevo and Belgrade.